As a Metabolic Health Coach, one of the first recommendations for all my clients is to reduce refined foods and focus on low carb veggies, protein and healthy fats. It has been proven that reducing glucose and sugar in our diet improves our health in so many ways. People find it difficult to switch to this type of eating for many reasons. However, once you get the hang of it you find that this can be a very enjoyable way to eat. One of the reasons I hear quite often is that they can’t eat the way the rest of the family is eating.

This is why I like to work with the whole household when one person is changing their eating plan. When everybody is adapting to eating healthier, it helps the person who is in crisis as well as sets up everybody else for healthy habits.

One of my favorite meals is tacos and chips with guacamole. You may be wondering how you can eat that meal when you are following a low carb lifestyle. Thanks to the Siete brand there are now grain free options for taco shells, tortillas and chips, making taco night a healthier option. So, when you are celebrating Cinco De Mayo on May 5, stay home and make your family a healthy meal that tastes amazing.