The World is Opening Up

We have so many reasons to celebrate life right now! Getting back to life as we know it, is one of the big reasons to celebrate. However, the numbers of violent acts, racially motivated hate crimes and people acting out in horrible ways has increased by staggering numbers. How is it as we are finally able to come together as a community that we are divided by pain, hate and violence? Coming from a mind, body, spirit perspective, the first thing that comes to mind is fear. We have all been living in fear, in the last year and for many people, they have been living in fear in this country for their entire lives. What can we each do to help our fellow man and ourselves to move forward from this fear based position we have been living in. How about starting with the simple act of recognizing each other’s humanity.  How about the simple act of looking into a stranger’s eyes and recognizing the pain and struggle that we all have felt at some point in our lifeThe simplicity of recognizing each other’s humanity is a start to healing.

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