Terrain Advocate Program

Cancer is currently the leading cause of death worldwide. Despite billions spent in the effort; very little progress has been made against the disease as a whole. The diagnosis provokes urgency and fear for patients and their families with profound impact rippling into our society. To rethink cancer, we need to rethink healthcare. The Metabolic Approach to Cancer, is a different approach – patient centric (vs. tumor centric), data informed, outcomes based – that we believe will change the standard to cancer care and prevention. With more people empowered with an understanding of the metabolic approach and how to follow it for themselves, loved ones and others, we can change the view of cancer to that of a manageable disease. For this, we need your help. Most advocates were pushed into the role through their own experience or that of a loved one without any training or tools. This program was created to educate advocates on unique aspects of the metabolic approach, the difference it can make and how to implement a physician’s strategy effectively for yourself or others. Time to turn pain into purpose. Since January of 2020, I have been formally training practitioners on the metabolic approach. The graduates, need advocates as patient role models, volunteers or team members that can help other patients stay on track with their own deeply personalized program. Who better to do this than someone who has been touched by cancer and understands to value of the metabolic approach? If you join my mission, you will be making a difference in your own journey and in the Terrain community. Together, we can improve quality of life, lower recurrence rates and eventually, prevent cancer all together. If being a part of this community and driving real change in how cancer is managed is a passion, then this is the right program for you. Thank you for your interest in joining the Terrain Community!

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