The masks are off and now we want to emphasize those beautiful smiles. Let’s talk about toothpaste! As with all of our body care products, when considering safe products to put in your mouth the ingredients we are looking to avoid include parabens, microbeads, sulfates, sweeteners, dyes, synthetic foaming agents and fluoride. WHAT? Fluoride you ask! Yes, fluoride, although touted as necessary for reducing cavities and added to our drinking water for that reason, it has been found to be a neurotoxin. Because we have been told for years that fluoride is good for us, It can be confusing to know which toothpaste is right for you. This article in Harper’s Bazaar sheds light on a few natural options for toothpaste.

Once you get those pearly whites in check, then you want to show them off with a beautiful lip gloss that is just as clean as the toothpaste you put in your mouth. Try these fun and clean options from BeautyCounter.