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Other Ways to Work With Janet


Camp Harmony is a 4 week interactive class for parents to learn tools and routines for creating a calm household. Each week the participant will be empowered with information to create lasting changes, the weekly themes are as follows:

– Calm Parent Calm Child
– Routines and Boundaries
– Reducing Environmental Stressors
– Sensory Diet


As a certified Daring Way facilitator, I will take you through and 3 day weekend workshop or once a week 8 week group process of exploring the impact of shame and vulnerability. Based on the work of Brene’ Brown, I will guide you in connecting to your authentic self to live in a more wholehearted way. I will guide you to find actionable, practical learning solutions to help deliver lasting change to the way that you work and live.


Can you imagine getting away to a beautiful location in the United States or abroad to experience the beauty of nature and the local culture while you are practicing the tools of a healthy lifestyle. You will have the opportunity for learning mindfulness techniques, yoga and effective exercise techniques which is geared toward your physical abilities, nutrition, emotional balance and the art of play.


Would you like an individualized program for you or your child, which includes an exercise program for specific physical needs, energy conservation techniques/endurance training, sensory processing recommendations and home modification instructions for increased independence and ease in daily living skills and routines.


Yoga has been practiced for thousands of years for assisting people in accessing a more meditative state of mind. Today yoga is mostly used as an effective tool for increasing flexibility and strength. I will create a home program for you based on your physical needs and goals for a yoga practice.


A Fresh Chapter is a non-profit dedicated to healing the emotional scars of cancer. We combine domestic or international volunteerism with programs designed to reframe adversity, foster connections, and promote personal growth and development. Our vision is a world where our experiences with cancer empower us to seek new purpose and possibility in our lives.” As a facilitator in this amazing organization Janet has the unique opportunity to empower participants on domestic and international programs, in personal growth and creating new perspective. Go here for more information.

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