Family Coaching

Coaching for Families

When you or a family member are dealing with a metabolic disorder, such as, cancer, autism, ADHD or an autoimmune disorder, it can be difficult for the whole family. It often takes the support of the whole family to create effective lifestyle change when working toward healing!

I will support you and your family to:

Understand metabolic stressors

Empower you to create a healthy food plan

Assist you to reduce toxic load in your home and lifestyle

Create healthy routines

create a home environment specific to your sensory needs

As an experienced family coach, I can help.

The demands that are placed on families when a family member has a chronic illness or special needs are a unique challenge, including emotional ups and downs, physical challenges and multiple medical appointments which make everyday seem like you are burning the candle at both ends. 

As a family coach, it is important to look at the needs of the entire family. I will examine the unique strengths of your family to empower you to create lifestyle changes to enhance the well being of the entire household. 

We will work together to create a plan for your family which takes into account your particular needs and lifestyle. Our plan will work toward life balance which includes eating patterns, fitness, sleep, stress, environmental toxins and emotional balance.

Together, we will create a family plan that assists the entire family in experiencing balance and joy each day.

Reduction of metabolic stressors is the first step toward optimal health!

One of the hallmarks of today’s lifestyle is that we are all under tremendous amounts of stress, in many ways. Our bodies are experiencing stress daily from the environment, which can include toxins, noise, poor air quality and heavy metals. We also have to deal with poor diets, sleep deprivation, screen time and lack of movement, which all leads to cellular stress which can impact our health.

Often times the approach to the many diseases and disorders we experience today is try to alleviate the symptoms, as opposed to get to the root cause. 

When you can start by making lifestyle changes which reduce the stressors in your life, then all the other treatments will work so much better. 

The research on Epigenetics has shown us that even if we have the DNA for certain diseases we can influence how that DNA is expressed.

It can be difficult to think that we have any control when we are faced with a debilitating diagnosis. However, the beauty is that we do have control over many of those stressors we are exposed to and can choose to change our habits and lifestyle.

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”

-Eleanor Roosevelt

To schedule a free 15 minute strategy session to find out how we can work together to create optimal health for you and your family, email me at

Are you ready to create optimal wellness for your family?

  • Understand the metabolic approach to health
  • Create life balance and daily routines that work well for the whole family
  • Discover your strengths and how they can propel you in meeting your goals
  • Understand the effects of environmental toxins 
  • Recognize where toxins show up in your household
  • Create a renewed sense of joy for you and your family
  • Learn communication tools for creating connection
  • Understand the tools of self regulation

First, schedule a 15 minute complimentary strategy session
Next, purchase and commit to four initial sessions to be completed within a 2 month period. After that you can schedule session on an individual basis.