Family Coaching

Coaching for Families

Are you struggling with not getting out of the house on time, chaos at meal times, and ineffective bed time routines?

I will support you and your family to:

Create peaceful and effective daily routines

Understand and use tools of self regulation

Regain life balance

Renew energy

Regain hope and joy

As an experienced family coach, I can help.

The demands that are placed on families with children with special needs are a unique challenge, including emotional ups and downs, difficulties with self- regulation, behavior and or physical challenges.

I will examine the unique strengths and struggles of your child and family, to empower you to create balance and increased joy for the entire family.

We will work together to assess the strengths and challenges which affect daily routines of your family including transitions and self-care routines. In creating effective daily routines we will also focus on life balance which includes eating patterns, fitness, sleep, stress, environmental toxins and emotional balance.

Together, we will create a family plan that assists the entire family in experiencing balance and joy each day.

As a single mother, it was imperative that daily routines were seamless:

My experience of becoming a single mother while going to college and then raising her while working fulltime has provided me with the life experience of creating routines and tools for effective life balance.

My 26 year career as an Occupational Therapist, has given me the distinct opportunity and joy to work with kids and families with special needs. My understanding of the challenges and the strengths of kids with special needs allows me to assess routines and life skills with the eyes of a therapist and listen with the ears of a coach.

As a graduate of Fielding Graduate University, I can provide you with an evidenced based model of coaching for optimal benefit in working toward lasting change. My experience as an Occupational Therapist in hospital, clinic, home and school based settings gives me a wide perspective on the needs of your child and how to assist in creating self care routines that encourage self regulation and independence in daily living skills.

My extensive experience and integrative approach to coaching gives me the tools and empathic listening skills to empower you in progressive change toward optimal healing and happiness.

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”

-Eleanor Roosevelt

Are you ready to create peace and joy in your daily routines?

  • Push through fear to learn to live from a place of courage
  • Learn the tools of mindfulness for creating peace
  • Create life balance and daily routines that work well for the whole family
  • Discover your strengths and how they can propel you in meeting your goals
  • Understand the metabolic approach to health
  • Create a renewed sense of joy for you and your family
  • Learn communication tools for creating connection
  • Create new routines and habits for healing
  • Understand the tools of self regulation

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